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Life in the hotel

The hotel business, a family history

t all began in 1890 when the young couple Schaeffer, Joseph, carpenter and Barbe, with the help of Barbe's father, undertook the construction of a house for the cure using sandstone from the Taennchel and wood from their forests. From "KURHAUS SCHAEFFER", the house became "Hôtel des Touristes", "Foyer Sinclair", then "Mon Repos", offering, for the time (1908), an already very comfortable establishment.

In 1922, they built the Villa Rouge, now the Sapinière, at the exit of the village. That same year, their daughter Marie and her husband Ernest Erbland took over. In 1925, they began building a hotel, the present Clos des Sources, which was completed in 1929 under the name of "Nouvel hôtel des Touristes", to become the "Touring Hotel" after the Liberation. Dynamic and full of audacity, Ernest invested himself in the tourist activity of his adopted village, by proposing to the summer visitors’ excursions in all Alsace with his own buses.

Assisted by their daughters Anne-Lise and Marie-Thérèse, the couple enlarged the "La Sapinière" hotel and developed holiday residences.

In 1939, Anne-Lise married Achille Stoeckel, who had been employed at the Hôtel des Touristes from 1927 to 1930, and then at the new hotel as a renowned chef. The couple moved to Colmar in 1941 where they created two restaurants. Three children were born of their union, including Antoine, the future owner of the Clos des Sources. It was not until 1980, after fifteen years of closure following the death of Ernest Erbland and the installation of Marie-Thérèse with her husband Michel Cupillard in the Jura, that Antoine Stoeckel, helped by the latter, bought the hotel from the family with his wife, Nicole. Both of them, with courage and tenacity, bring the establishment back to life. Under their impetus, the hotel was transformed while retaining its authentic charm. Creation of a large seminar room, a 1000m² swimming pool & spa area, extension, improvement, renovation of the rooms and the restaurant...

Accompanying this metamorphosis, the Touring Hotel was reborn under the name Clos des Sources in 2011.

For 40 years, Nicole and Antoine have never ceased to maintain and improve the conditions of your stay to make it even better. Today, one of their daughters, Anaïs, is at the helm of the elegant house. Just as passionate, she continues the family tradition of hospitality surrounded by an attentive team motivated by the pleasure of welcoming you.